The Spanish El Tesoro estate will host a colourful presentation on 24 September 2023. A select group of invited guests from all over the world, including gallery owners, interior designers, creative entrepreneurs, wine-lovers & connoisseurs, will gather that day for the launch of the POP IT OUT project, initiated by Miriam Slaats ART and Alexander van den Heuvel WINE.

Preparations for the event are in full swing … We will keep you updated on the developments of POP IT OUT in the near future!

POP IT OUT … the story

Dutch multidisciplinary artist MIRIAM SLAATS felt she was not living her true self and booked a single ticket to Spain, her favorite country. She packed some clothes, stuffed her drawing materials and left home, not knowing when she would return. She settled down for a while at ALEXANDER VAN DEN HEUVEL’s finca EL TESORO. Peace and nourishing energy there gave Slaats the freedom to be completely herself. It provided a boost of creative inspiration, which she turned into a stream of new ART. With great enthusiasm and without restrictions, Slaats puts her feelings on paper, which she applies where she finds it artistically justified. She calls her expression POP IT OUT.

During her stay, the estate owner and the artist met in beautiful conversations about life and their mutual passion, a bond of exchange developed. Alexander explained that his heart beats not only for his home environment, but also for what the land has to offer him. Driven by the exuberantly flowering vines, he finds his enthusiasm in producing ‘WINE’… the TESO wine, which takes its name from the estate. A pure wine with potential that should not go unnoticed, friends told him, TESO shines as a newcomer to the Jalón Valley.

During the personal creation process, the artist and winemaker discovered a parallel in how wonderful it is when you passionately follow your heart, they felt a deep appreciation for each other’s work. Their conclusion was, if something comes from a pure source, it produces good things! So the seed was planted for an El TESORO event. Both are pleased to share with you their ‘POP IT OUT’s’ in Wine & Art. With great joy Alexander & Miriam take you into the experience of what has emerged from the propulsive energy of Finca El Tesoro.


Would you like to view the POP IT OUT ART collection privately or are you interested to receive more information about the ART, WINE or PERFORMANCES, please contact Judith Volker | MAGICAL PLACES.

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