Miriam Slaats graduated at the Dutch Academy of Expressive Arts in Maastricht in 1988. Her career could certainly be referred to as successful. Her work is exhibited worldwide. Collectors can be found across the globe and her art also forms part of leading commercial and private collections. The artist has been awarded a range of commendations in the course of time and has attracted much journalistic coverage too.


The early paintings of Slaats emanate pace and a colourful, cheerful positive energy. In 2006, a serious personal event turned her colour palette darker and made shapes stronger. Thereafter, in 2007, Slaats rediscovered her path in the intensity of whites. Her last work sowed the seeds for the line to new and innovative art.

In addition to her comprehensive painted body of work, Slaats has also studied a range of disciplines including bronzes, photography, resin objects and paper materials. She also plays with the written word. Uncovering the various opportunities has become vital and forms the foundation for the surprising and entirely new, three-dimensional working method: Slaats’ BLOB ART. In summer 2012, the artist presented her eye-catching contemporary 3D objects to the public at large.