Domaine Le Verger orchard is a picturesque spot in the Loire Valley, bordering on the garden of the Pontlevoy Abbey. This is a peaceful spot where MIRIAM SLAATS, a Dutch international contemporary artist, together with her two four-footed friends, has settled after a ‘Del Arte Tour’ through France. Upon opening the gate, Slaats smelled the scent of blossoms, experiencing a wholehearted welcome. Trees with pears, apple figs and cherries smiled at her peacefully. Her instincts told her that this is a heart- overwhelmingly ‘home’. The days passed serenely until the artist, nurtured by elation, decided to express this meditative place in pictures. In a photographic manner, Slaats illustrates the Domaine by creating meticulously planned art plates. Item by item, unique examples that interpret the character of Domaine Le Verger. She called the limited edition LA COUR DE FRANCE, a tribute to this magnificent spot that has inspiring forces and where people can find healing tranquillity. The viewpoint of the hosts and the artist was undivided: after realisation, the art pieces will have to be returned to the source, where they belong… Domaine Le Verger in Pontlevoy. The guests may enjoy them and perhaps purchase a copy as a reminder of this splendid ambiance.